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Floral, herbal, superpowers to all. Supple, unique textures and gently delicious

scents make for action-packed products that are easy to use and soothing in result.

In accordance to our skin’s requirements, and based on knowledge and expertise––MYHY works in 2 steps.

Enter our 2 step beauty program. Adjust to taste. Wants, needs, wishes.

1 ––CELL

2 ––DUST

For ultimate results, follow our simple 2 step routine!

1. For a soft, smooth canvas, gently massage MYHY CELL into your face and neck


_The refreshing hyaluronic acid serum pulls moisture deep into the skin (and keeps it there) to instantly smooth the skin’s surface. The silky formula is fast-absorbing and never sticky (!)—designed to layer with other skincare products and makeup

2. Moisten with plenty of MYHY DUST––a boosting rose water toner that stimulates skin renewal 

_It can help loosen deep-seated impurities, minimize enlarged pores and fight premature skin aging without irritating the skin. Pale skin gets a whole new life! Evenly and healthily pigmented and plump


The hydrolate blends with the hyaluronic acid serum for an instant freshness boost that can be felt and seen. The power of the rose helps to dissolve impurities, minimise enlarged pores, soothe the complexion and actively but gently prevents premature skin ageing.

For face and neck, it is best to start with 3 pumps of serum and 6 drizzles of hydrolate. Every skin is different and sometimes even every day. You can decide the perfect feel-good dose for yourself.


The 2-step system can be perfectly adapted to the needs of each skin.